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  Near the campfire 26.06.2008 07:43 
Family 1958

Very often when we were children we spent our vacations on the island Chardim in the Volga-river not far from Saratov. It was rather wild life with minimum of comfort and maximum of freedom to investigate the nature. We lived in a tent and slept in sleeping bags. Our father was sure that whatever we did for a living it was important that we learned to observe, compare, investigate and made conclusions. We learned to look around us and see that the world was constantly changing, and we also learned just to admire simple things and natural processes. When I looked through Dad's eyes I could see the beauty and the complexity of flowers and stones and the other things near us.

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  High and low poetry 25.06.2008 07:38 
Dad in Smolensk

One summer we went on holiday to my Grandmother's home. There were some old books on Grandmother's shelves. Early in the mornings I saw my father taking one of these old books out into the garden where he could read it alone. Now I understand that he was reading the Bible, though I would have been upset had I known that at the time.

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  Studying swear words 24.06.2008 08:18 
family on the board of  ...

For very long period of time I was sure that the word "Baptist" was a swear word, something we called people who were really foolish. Our teacher at school, Antonina Aleksandrovna, very often called us "Baptists", if we were not able to follow the lesson, it was the same as "idiot" or "degenerate", but more hard and more humiliating.

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  My first celebration of Christmas 23.06.2008 08:14 
Dad with Anika, Saveli, ...

Dad's mother, Anica, was a Muslim and his mother-in-law, my mother's mother, was a Christian. Even in the Communist times they both spent much time in prayer. My grandmothers were very different from each other, but they had that in common. I remember Dad's anger when people mocked those who prayed. The times were such that men and women felt able to do that; in fact, they believed it was right to mock.

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  Flying the kites 22.06.2008 07:00 

I was born into a very loving family. My mother, Tatiana, was paediatrician it was her job to look after children and to care about them. My father was a very kind and friendly man, but also he was famous Professor of Chemistry in Saratov University, and the Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry.

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  Boyhood 21.06.2008 16:56 
Dimitry speaking

I am a biographer, and as I listened to Dimitry Mustafin give his testimony that day in Keswick, it seemed to me to be a story just waiting to be written, a story that would speak to people of God's wonderful goodness and his amazing grace. All I knew about Dimitry was what he said in his talk, and what I observed as he spoke.

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  Introducing Professor Dimitry Mustafin 20.05.2008 10:05 
Dimitry Mustafin

Sometimes a little incident takes place and you know you will never forget it. In July 2002, in the vast tent at the Keswick Convention, I watched in interest as the chairman brought a gentleman forward to introduce him to the crowd of over 3000 people. Professor Dimitry Mustafin, we were told, was from Moscow. He was asked just two or three questions, from which we learned that he was a Christian and President of the Moscow Gideon Camp, and that much of his free time was spent distributing Gideon Bibles. My heart burned.

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