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OF Ph.D., Dr.Chem. Sci., Prof. DIMITRY MUSTAFIN

  1. Interpretation of the vibration spectrum of ethylphosphonic acid.
    Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. 1977 vol 26 N 5 p941-943.
    (with M.P. Noskova, O.P. Kondratov)
  2. Study of the micellar structure of cetyl pyridin chloride acetat-ammoniac solution by method of turbidity spectra.
    Colloid Journal. 1980 vol 42 N1 p154-157.
    (with S.V.Shchegolev, V.I Klenin)
  3. Space and Electronic Structure, electrostatic potentials of some xanthene derivatives and the products of their interactions with cetyl pyridin chloride.
    Reports of Academy of Sciences of USSR. 1980 vol 255 N 2 p361-364.
    (with L.A. Gribov, O.V.Sivanova)
  4. Method of determination of lanthanides in magnetic alloys.
    Information List. N 28-20. NDT-Saratov: CNTI. 1980.
    (with O.V. Sivanova, N.A.Batasheva)
  5. The influence of cetyl piridinium salts on the interactions and spectroscopic characteristics of the systems: salts of rare earth elements - brompyrogallol red. Ukrainian Chemical Journal. 1980 vol 46 N 8 p879-882.
    (with O.V. Sivanova)
  6. Calculation of the three dimensional structure of various xanthene
    compounds, quartenary pyridinium salts and the products of their interaction. Journal of Structural Chemistry. 1980 vol 21 N 3 p303-309.
    (with L.A.Gribov, O.V.Sivanova)
  7. Study of interaction in the system nitrates of lanthanides brompyrogallol red - cetyl pyridin chloride.
    In the book: "Chemistry and National Economy" Saratov: Publishing House of Saratov State University. 1982.
  8. Investigation of the reaction of brompyrogallol red with cetyl pyridin chloride.
    Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry. 1984 vol 20 N 1 p20-25.
    (with N.A.Kostromina, O.V.Sivanova, L.A.Gribov)
  9. Electrostatic potentials and reactivity of xanthene derivatives.
    Reports of Temiriazev Agricultural Academy. 1984 N 5 p160-163.
    (with L.A.Gribov, O.V.Sivanova)
  10. "I.S. Mustafin 1908-1968"
    Saratov: Publishing House of Saratov University. 1986.
    (with V.N.Dumova)
  11. Monte Carlo calculations on structural and thermodynamic characteristics for acetone and the Na - acetone systems at 298 K.
    Journal of Structural Chemistry. 1986 vol 30 N 2 p267-272.
    (with E.S.Fois, A.Gamba, G.Morozi)
  12. Solubility in the ternary systems water-dimethylsulphoxide sodium sulphate/potassium sulphate.
    Journal of General Chemistry. 1989 vol 59 N 10 p2196-2201.
    (with A.F.Vorob'ev, O.M.Tsivileva)
  13. Solubility of alkali metal sulphates in unaqueous dimetoxiethan. Journal of Physical Chemistry. 1996 vol 70 N 2 p340-342. (with A.F.Vorob'ev, D.P.Kudelin)
  14. Solubility of alkili metal sulphates in unaqueous formamide. Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2002, vol.47, N10, p.1740-1742
    (with A.F.Vorob'ev)
  15. Solubility of potassium sulphate in aqueous solutions of acetonitrile. Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2003, vol.48, N9, p.1572-1573
    (with A.F.Vorobev, S.V.Senatorova)
  16. Positive experience of negative events within the cognitive system of Professor I.S. Mustafin. Advances of Natural Sciences, 2004, N5, p.8-11.
  17. Proplems of natural sciences outlook development in gifted children Advances of Natural Sciences, 2004, N5, p.12-15 (with Ledvanov M.J.).
  18. Investigation of Crystallosolvate of Lithium Sulphate with Formamide
    // Russian International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics. 27 June - 2 July, 2005/ Book of Abstracts. Volume 1, p.201. (with Vorob'ev A.F.)
  19. .Dear granddaughters of Mendeleev.
    // Bull. Chem. Technol. Macedonia, 25, (2), 2006, p.40-53
  20. j .
    // . . j, 2006, .25, 2, .15-17
  21. Enviromental monitoring for river water and air quality in the Ryazan oblast as a practical example of social responsibilities of scientists. XVI I I Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry. International Symposium Green Chemistry, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility of Scientists. Moscow, 2007. M: Granitsa, 2007, vol.5, p.410
  22. Temperature dependance of alkali metal sulphates solubilities in unaqueous dimethyl-sulphoxide and dimethylformamide.
    In the book: 5-th International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena. Abstracts. Moscow, Rus-sia, July 8-10, 1992, .99.
    (With Vorob'v A.F.)
  23. Solubility of Lithium and Sodium Sulphates in Dimetoxiethan at 293-323
    In the book: 6-th European Sympos. on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. September 11-16, 1994, Grado, Italy, p.54.
    (With Vorob'ev A.F Kudelln D.P.)
  24. Solubility of Lithium Sulphate in the Mixture Dimetoxiethan - Water.
    In the book: International Conference on Solution Chemistry. September, 1994, Buenos Aires, Argentina, p.78.
    (With Vorob'ev A.F Kudelin D.P.)
  25. My beloved Russia.
    -Great Britain, Publisher: Christian Focus, 2005, 192p.
  26. Anatolii Fedorovich Kapustinskii (On His Centenary)
    Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Vol. 81, No. 8, 2007, p. 1352
  27. Professor A.F. Vorobev is 75.
    Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Vol. 52, No. 5, 2007, p. 822

Author and editor of four volumes of the "Solubility Data Series" for Pergamon Press, according to the Solubility Data Project of the IUPAC Commission on Solubility Data.

  1. Solubility Data Series. Alkaline earth hydroxides in water and aqueous solutions. Vol 52, 1992, Oxford, N.Y, Seoul, Tokyo. Pergamon Press. (with J.Lambert, H.L.Clever, H.Einaga, J.Komatsu, A.F.Vorob'ev)
  2. Solubility Data Series. Alkali metal halides in mixed and nonaqueous solvents. Vol 27 N.Y. Pergamon Press. In print (with C.Kalidas, A.F.Vorob'ev, J.J.Markham)
  3. Solubility Data Series. Alkali metal sulfates in mixed solvents. Vol 28 N.Y. Pergamon Press. In Print (with C.Kalidas, A.F.Vorob'ev)
  4. Solubility Data Series. Alkali metal and ammonium halides in alcolhols. Vol 24 N.Y. Pergamon Press. In Print (with A.F.Danil de Namor, A.F.Vorob'ev)

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