Dimitry Mustafin / Ph.D. Dr.Chem.Sc., Professor Mustafin Dimitry Isaac

Ph.D. Dr.Chem.Sc., Professor Mustafin Dimitry Isaac


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Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology

Department of Problems of Sustainable Development

Miusskaya Sq. 9
125190 Moscow

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113054  Moscow


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Current   Position

Professor, Department of Problems of Sustainable Development

Chief Scientist; Department of Problems of Sustainable Development,

Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology.

Research interests: sustainable development, ecology, history of science, analytical, physical,  inorganic chemistry.


Faculty Research and Teaching

2003 - 2007 Head Scientist;

1987 -1994 Vice-Director for Research; Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology.

1982 -1997  Vice-Dean of the General Sciences Faculty,  Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical  Technology

1982 -2003  Senior Scientist; Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry,

Russian Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology.

1981 -1982  Associate Professor; Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry;  Saratov State University.

1976 -1981. Scientist, Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry,  Saratov State University.

During the work at Saratov State University and at Russian  Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology was supervisor of several Ph.D. and MS thesis's works.

Was teaching the following courses:  General Chemistry; Theoretical Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry;  Physical - Chemical Methods of Investigation of Complexes; Rare Earth Elements; General Engineering Practice in Chemical Factories and Plants; Methods of Teaching Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; History and Methodology of Chemistry; Problems of Sustainable Development.

Doctoral Research

1981 Defended  the Ph.D. Thesis Physical-Chemical Investigation of Cetylpyridinium  Chloride and  the Products of its Interactions with Xanthene Derivatives and Rare Earth Elements. This work investigated the interactions of cetylpyridinium chloride and xanthene compounds with  rare earth elements. The products of these interactions were characterized experimentally (potentiometry, spectroscopy, proton nuclear magnetic resonance, turbidity) and theoretically (CNDO/2, theoretical structural analysis by approximation of atom-atom potentials, electrostatic fields). There was developed a new and simple spectrophotometric method of determination of Pr   and Sm in magnetic alloys.

2003 Defended  the Doctor of Chemical Sciences Thesis The problems of Solubility of Alkali Metal Sulfates in unaqueous  and mixed solutions. (Russian degree, higher than Ph.D.,  received by ~5% of Ph.D). This work investigated the solubility of alkali metal sulfates in  formamide, dimethylformamide,    dimethylsulfoxide, dimethoxiethan and their mixtures with water at different temperatures. The values of solubilities were measured for the first time and 11 new compounds were isolated from the solvents. The thermodynamic characteristic of dissolution were calculated on the basis of calorimetric and solubility experiments.

University Education

1976 Defended the Diploma Thesis Synthesis and Investigation of Interactions of Rare Earth  Elements  with Polyoxybenzoic Acid.  In this work were synthesized gallates and rezorsilates of La, Ce, Pr,  Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho,Er, Tu, Yb and Lu. The products were characterized by spectroscopy  and elemental analysis.

1974-1976 Received the Lenin Scholarship for Outstanding Achievements. (~0.5% of all USSR students).

1971-1976 Student of Chemical Faculty of Saratov State University, simultaneously studied at the Faculty of Math. Received The Red University Degree for excellent marks in all humanities, social and natural sciences.   (~5% of all USSR students.)


More than 110 publications, including books and articles in major Russian and International Journals. The author and the editor of the Solubility Data Series for Pergamon Press according to the Solubility Data Project of IUPAC Commission on Solubility Data.


International Experience

1992  Training Supervisor, Delta Environmental Analytical Lab., Milan, Italy, had been carrying out  analysis of water, gas, metals, refuses and drugs, using various equipment: Ultraviolet /        Visible Spectrophotometers (Perkin Elmer Lambda 1,  Philips Pye PU 8800),Gas Chromatographs  (Perkin Elmer Sigma GC, S - 110), Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, (Perkin Elmer 1100B), Gas analyzers  "Testo term  testo 33"  (Italy).

1986/1992  Work at the Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the  State University of Milan (Italy) on the joint project Investigation of Structural and Thermodynamic Characteristics of Organic Solvents and their Solutions.

Participated in 35 international conferences.


Fluent in English and Italian (reading, writing, speaking). Qualified as a professional translator for English and Italian.

1986            Student of the University of Perugia, Italian Language Department, Italy.

1995/1997   Student at the Abbey School for the English Languages, London, England. Passed the University of Cambridge First Certificate in English Examination.

Personal/Early Education

Born June 26,1954 in Saratov in Central Russia. Completed High School with excellent marks for all subjects, earning a Gold Medal from the Ministry of Education of Russia (awarded to top 2% of all students).

Wife - Mustafina, Irina,  Ph.D.,  Editor at the National TV company "NTV".

Daughter - Mustafina Maria, born in 1983. After successful graduation from of Moscow Medical Sechenov Academy is working as Medical Doctor at the Hematological Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.





Participation in Conferences

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